As a subsidiary of Paterson GlobalFoods, located in the wheat belt of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, FeedMax has access to the highest quality grains grown anywhere in the world. With a large wooden elevator attached, FeedMax can buy local feed grain and store it onsite, using it for feed manufacturing as needed, rather than following the typical feed mill practice of relying on more costly just-in-time deliveries.

Nutrition First

Not all livestock operations are equally created. Water quality, barn environment, and genetic differences are just some of the factors differentiating one producer’s operation from another’s. The average feed mill will sell you their “secret recipe” that may or may not work for your operation. It can be a dangerous gamble. Here is why FeedMax uses consulting nutritionists. Consulting nutritionists allow us to deliver the highest quality livestock feed Nutritionist’s build their reputations on finding and refining the best value diets for your unique situation. Once the nutritionist designs the diet, a feed mill is needed to produce it using the highest quality ingredients, and must do so at a fair price. At FeedMax, we focused on producing quality feed at a reasonable price is what.

Industry Expertise

By utilizing the expertise provided by independent nutrition consultants, you receive the best services possible. Both the nutritionist and FeedMax can excel your business by focusing on what we each specialize in. The nutritionist can formulate the exact ration to what you require, without being restricted to promoting a standardized recipe the feed mill wants to sell. FeedMax is able to focus on sourcing the highest quality components at the best possible price, and delivering the highest quality feed with the best possible service. Put both together, and you get an honest, knowledgeable and unbeatable service delivered with a genuine interest in your farm. This all adds up to a better bottom line for your livestock operation.